Privacy Details

We protect the privacy of the information you share with us.

  • We only release the demographic information on this form as summarizing statistics (e.g., “x% of our members are graduate students”). The information you submit is NEVER released in any way that connects it with your name, email address, or other identifying information. 
  • We ask for your name and address on the same form as your demographic information only so we can avoid duplicating the demographic information. (We’ve learned it’s not uncommon for people to inadvertently submit information more than once, and duplications skew our statistical summaries.)
  • We SEPARATE your name, email address, and surface mail address from your demographic information in our files. We do not preserve them together, which means your demographic information becomes anonymous once it’s been submitted.
  • We protect your information! Files are kept in two very secure locations (one serving as a safe backup). They are never released or shared, even within AIRA. Only the Webmaster/Registrar (Dawn Hill Adams, Ph.D.) has access to the individual files, and it is she who prepares the summary statistical report. Summary statistical reports will be shared with AIRA leadership and with funders approved by the head of AIRA when relevant to a specific funding application, and are also presented in the final meeting report that is published on this website for members.
  • You can view our privacy statement here. It covers information gathered on this form as well as all the others on the AIRA website.
  • Please note that you are given the option to choose not to respond, at every point on the demographic form below. The only required fields are those of name and email address that allow us to collate information and avoid duplication.