To help us be more responsive to the needs of our community, it’s vitally important we have basic demographic information about AIRA members. Such information also helps our funders see that their support is truly helping the people they want to reach — whether undergraduate social science majors or faculty from the life sciences. When they can see who AIRA serves, they are eager to keep funding our work.

We protect the privacy of the information you share with us.

  • We only release the demographic information on this form as summarizing statistics (e.g., “x% of our members are graduate students”). The information you submit is NEVER released in any way that connects it with your name, email address, or other identifying information. 
  • We ask for your name and email address on this form only so we can avoid duplicating demographic information. It’s not uncommon for people to forget they’ve submitted a membership form, for instance, and submit one several times. If this happens with demographic information, we need to catch the duplications so we don’t skew our statistical summaries. Anonymous demographic information doesn’t allow us to do that. Also, having an identifier on the form you submit means you can update your status later on as you graduate (yay!!) or get a new job (congratulations!); we can tell where the new information needs to go and remove the information it replaces.
  • We protect your information! Files are kept in two very secure locations (one serving as a safe backup). They are never released or shared, even within AIRA. Only the Webmaster/Registrar (Dawn Hill Adams, Ph.D.) has access to the individual files, and it is she who prepares the summary statistical report. Summary statistical reports will be shared with AIRA leadership and with funders approved by the head of AIRA when relevant to a specific funding application. If the membership desires, the summary statistical report will also be sent to all AIRA members annually. The summary statistical report will not be posted online. You can view our privacy statement here. It covers information gathered on this form as well as all the others on the AIRA website.
  • Please note that you are given the option to choose not to respond, at every point on the demographic form below. The only required fields are those of name and email address that allow us to collate information and avoid duplication.

So please take a few moments to fill out the form below that provides us this important information. We promise it won’t take long, and the benefits to our community will be well worth it!

If you have problems filling out or submitting the form, or have any questions about the information being collected and how we protect your privacy, please contact the webmaster.

Type of Institution Where I Work or Learn (check all that apply):
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My primary field of study or work (select one):
Please describe up to three areas of study or work (e.g., ecology, public health, evaluation, etc.) in the three separate boxes below (one area of study or work per box). Leave the boxes blank if you do not wish to respond to this item.
Specialization 1:
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Specialization 3:
Are you an Indigenous person or of Indigenous descent?
If you are Indigenous, please list up to three nations, tribes, communities, or other affiliations or identifications in the boxes below (one per box), whether or not you are formally enrolled or registered. Leave the boxes blank if you do not wish to respond to this item.
1st Indigenous Tribe or Nation:
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Are you an official member of one of the Tribes, Indigenous Nations, or other Indigenous communities you listed above?
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