The Directory provides an opportunity for members of the American Indigenous Research Association and conference attendees to exchange contact information. You can only appear in the Directory if you are already a member or have attended a conference. You can become a member free of charge here.

Submitting the form below gives the webmaster permission to put your information in a document that will be sent to everyone who participates in this contact-share.

The Directory will be sent only to people who contribute their information. If you don’t fill out information for the Directory, you won’t receive a copy. Note: To receive a copy of the 2016 Directory PDF, please email the webmaster.

Note: The form you use to submit information for the Directory is being redesigned at this time, so the data fields will be more compatible with the software used to produce the Directory. Notification will be sent to the membership when the new form is ready, and we hope you will submit your information at that time.