The American Indigenous Research Association never trades, sells, or shares your personal information with others. The information you submit on forms that require a name and/or email address is kept in a secure fashion and not released to persons outside AIRA adminstrators.

Information submitted for the Directory is released only to people who registered in the Directory. Information that may have been submitted for membership or meeting registration is NOT published in the Directory. The Directory publishes only the name, email address, and specific personal information submitted on the Directory form.

Persons who contact the webmaster, meeting registrar, or other AIRA personnel requesting contact information for an AIRA member or presenter will not be given an email address, phone number, or mailing address. Instead, the requester’s email will be forwarded to the person the requester wishes to contact.

On forms that collect anonymous data (such as demographic information for annual meeting attendees), the only identifying characteristic associated with each line of data is the submitter’s IP address. Generally, such an address is institution-specific rather than individual-specific. Regardless, this column of data, which is collected automatically by the form-generating software, is stripped from the data fields before the data are processed. No actual or potential personal identifying characteristic of any kind remains with anonymous data.

General demographics about AIRA membership are released to the public from time to time (via our Facebook page, for example). This information includes the total number of members and a tally or summary of the countries, states, and provinces in which they reside.

If you have other questions about our Privacy Policy, please email the webmaster. Be sure to set your email’s spam filter to accept a reply from if you do that.