Presentations from the 2016 Meeting

Please note that this page does not present a complete list of all the presentations and workshops delivered at the 2016 meeting of the American Indigenous Research Association. The presentations that were originally PowerPoint files have been saved as PDFs for easy access by community members. Thanks to Frank Tyro for videotaping our keynote speakers and preparing the videos for sharing here!


Maggie Walter
“Indigenous Statistics: Doing Numbers Our Way.” (PowerPoint)

Jane Mt. Pleasant
“The Paradox of Productivity: Lessons from an Indigenous Agriculture.” (PowerPoint)

Casey Olsen


Leonie Pihama and Rihi Te Nana
“Pre-Conference Workshop: Developing Indigenous Theory and Methodology.”


Dawn Adams
“In Service to the Land: Indigenous Research Methods in the Natural Sciences.”

Yvonne Bomberry
“Lateral Violence: In Contradiction to the Haudenosauenee Concept of the ‘Good Mind’.”

Rose E. Honey
“Cultural Relevance, Reciprocity, & Responsibility in Research.”

Kirsten A. James
“Indigenous Research Methodologies for Museum Studies.”

Liz Rix, Uncle Charles Moran, Russell Kapeen, Shawn Wilson
“Learning from the Experts: combining Indigenous Knowledge with western health models to build cultural bridges and improve health services for Indigenous peoples.”

Sweeney Windchief
“The Development and Implementation of Indigenous Mentorship Programs for Graduate Students in STEM.”

“Student Storytellers Indigenizing the Academy.”