Grad Students


Some of the Student Storytellers and a couple of their friends have dinner after the close of the 2014 meeting.


SSITA presenters at the 2014 AIRA meeting included (left to right) Jessica Venable, Frank Sage, Jimi Del Duca, and Brandy Ann Sato.

Calling All Graduate Students! Masters and doctoral students using Indigenous research methods in their work can join an online discussion group for mutual support. It’s run by American Indigenous Research Association membersĀ  working on their Ph.Ds. This is a particularly valuable opportunity for students working in research universities where the awareness of Indigenous issues is fairly low, or for students who have good faculty mentoring but few other Indigenous grad students to compare experiences and feelings with. The Co-Heart doctoral group of the University of Idaho showed us all (at the 2013 Conference) how important mutual encouragement, support, and assistance can be. Peer group support really can help you get past the most difficult steps in completing your degree.

DSC01250To find out more about the online discussion group for the graduate student group Student Storytellers Indigenizing the Academy, or SSITA, or to join in, please fill out and submit the form below.

If you have any problems with the form, or if there is any communication problem that needs assistance, please contact SSITA.